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Pssst Pot

In the early 90’s, when I was 9 years old, I entered the Write- A—Book competition in school. I was convinced I was going to win, mainly due to the amazing book title my Dad had come up with for me. My 9 year old self thought it was just brilliant.

The book was called “Elephantasy”.

It revolved around a family of elephants who had escaped from the circus only to get caught up in a forest fire. The baby elephants got split up from their parents in the ensuing mayhem and wandered the forest alone for days before finally being reunited with them.

It was a heartbreaking tale to be fair but not enough to pull on the heartstrings of the adjudicators who awarded first prize to some beautifully illustrated book that hadn’t ripped off Dumbo!I was pretty disappointed at the time but still so proud of the great title.

Ever since then, my Dad has been my go to, any time I’m in need of a name for anything. So naturally, when I decided to include a blog on my new website and was in need of a catchy name, I put him straight on the job.

He’s been throwing out clever names for days…. but I just can’t make up my mind. The rest of my family have even gotten in on it with “Wheel Life Stories” from my husband and “Reflections by the Lake” from my brother.

Perhaps nothing will ever compare to the glory days of Elephantasy! Maybe my blog is destined to be called “My Blog” or maybe I’ll go with my mother’s surprising suggestion “Psssst Pot.” !

Whatever I do eventually call it, all I keep thinking is, if it’s this hard to come up with the name, how hard is it going to be to actually write the blog!